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Susie Discusses Her Experience With Lawton & Cates

"Everyone was very so kind to me...We were all made to feel welcome, made to feel supported and made to feel like we belong there. That was very important to me since I was pretty stressed out a lot of the time. This was a difficult time in my life and they made it easier for me. That's just what I needed."

Susie — Workers Compensation

Tim Comments on His Positive Experience Hiring Lawton & Cates for His Business Litigation Matter

"It was an individual, extensive case and was very pleased with the results. Kent and his team took it upon themselves to learn our business and the case to come up with the outcome we wanted to have."

Tim — Business Litigation, Family Law

Kim Discusses Her Experience Having Lawton & Cates Advocate for Her Regarding Her Divorce and Custody Cases.

"I hired Lawton & Cates, and they did wonders. I went there for a divorce and custody of my son. It was very stressful and the attorney there made me feel very confident in her. The other staff members there were very friendly, smiley, they made me feel at home. They were great. The result was that I got full custody of my son. I would tell anyone to go to Lawton & Cates."

Kim — Family Law, Divorce and Custody

Sue Ann Talks About Why She and Her Husband Hired Lawton & Cates

"We're elated. We're relieved. We can relax and breathe. I was working two jobs, seven days a week. I no longer have to do that. Can enjoy some down time. Now we have a house again, we have a car again. He has a truck. Gosh, you know, he's just happy as a lamb. And his garage, he's a happy man!""

Sue Ann — Medical Malpractice