Consumer Protection Law

Consumer Protection lawyers work to help families protect those things that are most important to them. We protect your houses from foreclosures, your cars from repossession, and your income from debt collectors and garnishments. We help get money back when car dealers or home improvement companies have committed fraud, and make sure that student loans and other debts don't overwhelm you.

Consumer Representation

Equally importantly, we aggressively fight to make those who take advantage of people pay for their illegal actions. We use a variety of state and federal laws to sue banks, credit card companies, auto dealerships, and others and force them to stop harassing our clients and to pay damages to our clients for the harm they caused. We have obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars to compensate our clients for everything from illegal foreclosures to storage locker disputes.

 Many people aren't even aware of the many rights they have, even if they are unable to pay their bills. Whether you are facing phone calls and demands from creditors, fearing losing your car, or simply confronted with a company that won't deal with you fairly, we can help.

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