Capital One Class Action

Wisconsin customers' class-action complaint against Capital One.

Lawton & Cates has filed a case against Capital One, seeking to obtain remedies for those harmed by the data breach. The class action sets up two basic categories of customers: those whose data was released, and those whose data was not, but they were not informed by Capital One of this in a timely way. The lawsuit will seek to have Capital One provide payment for harm suffered by those people, including the estimated cost of credit monitoring and identity theft insurance for several years. The lawsuit will also ask the Court to order that Capital One delete personal private information from its servers in a reasonable time to avoid releasing the information in the future. The lawsuit will ask to award those damages, in an amount to be determined, to people who lived in Wisconsin when they applied for a Capital One card (even if they did not get a card), or who had a credit card account with Capital One at the time the data breach occurred.